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Iqbal Studies, Naturalism,, Realism, Iqbal, Modernism


Nature and man have a deep connection because man himself is a product of nature. Iqbal was a poet who was so powerful intellectually and artistically that his aspects could not be confined to just a few subjects. Iqbal has used all kinds of knowledge and thought to explain his creativity. In his poetry, Iqbal discusses in detail the relationship between man and his soul, God, consciousness, and soul in the same way that nature is also Iqbal's favorite subject. Iqbal's thoughts about nature are very profound and romantic. In Urdu Criticism Iqbal’s point of view is not very clear about the nature, it has been considered limited to mere acquaintance with nature. In this article, an attempt has been made to bring their views out of the realm of other Words, this article based upon the thoughts of Modernism and Iqbal’ Philosophy.


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In this article only Urdu Poetry of Iqbal has been made the subject. The above discussion of nature is no different in the context of Iqbal's Persian Poetry. Mr. Askari has made decisions in this critical sketching, putting forward the eastern traditional concept. Without the division of scientific, academic and literary texts, the study of the history of human thought can determine the same results.

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