Psychological Concept of Iqbal’s Ideal Society

  • Dr Shahida Rasool Head of Urdu Department, The Women University Multan.
  • Jawaria Zafar MPhil Urdu Scholar, The Women University, Multan.
Keywords: Allama Iqbal, Ideology, Philosophy, Psychology, Progressive Movement


Iqbal’s thoughts paved the way for a progressive society in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. We would not be wrong in saying that it was the essence of Iqbal’s work which was evident in the voice of the progressive writers who rose for change, equality, and literature for all. There is no doubt that they have been anti against some of Iqbal’s thought processes but it is also true that Iqbal’s work was not only speculation but an epitome of change which many scholars themselves followed. Iqbal was in favor of such a society where all the humanity could collaborate and progress together where he did not want such a society for the Muslim world only but the whole world. It is this philosophical landmark of his that makes him a leading international poet. His concept of an ideal society based on human psychology is based on the knowledge of the Quran and Hadith. It is due to this reason that his teachings are misinterpreted before the third world as being controversial to demoralize them and hence affecting their courage and confidence while on the other hand, the developing world follows the same ideology for their existence and perseverance. Along with Iqbal’s work on the progressive society, in this article, it would also be inspected how much these rules and regulations of Iqbal are introduced for such societies implementable. Is Iqbal’s vision a fictitious marvel or following the ground realities? We will also throw light on the facts that If Iqbal’s knowledge, rules, and regulations introduced by him can bring actual happiness to a person or all his work has only been for the sole purpose of getting fame.


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