The Manifestation Of The Postmodern Woman

  • Naeema Bibi Teaching And Research Associate , Department Of Urdu , International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Dr. Robina Parveen Teaching and Research Associate, Department of Urdu, International Islamic University ,Islamabad
  • Ghazal Yaqub Teaching and Research Associate, Department of Urdu, International Islamic University ,Islamabad
Keywords: Naala E Shub Geer, Postmodernism, Musharraf Aalim Zouqi, Novel, Feminism, Women, Ideology, Discourse, Dasht E Khof


Postmodernism is modern contemporary theory. It gave birth to too many theories and ideas. One of the most important theories is feminism. This theory influenced fiction Urdu novels have also been influenced by postmodernism. That is why fiction writers have written postmodern novels. Which are different from Classical novels. The characters in these novels are also different from the traditional characters. Nowadays characters are being created in the novel that can be called postmodernism. Musharraf Aalim Zouqi is one of the greatest novelists of our time. He wrote many novels, one of the most important of these is the novel Naala e Shab Geer. The story of this novel consists of seven parts which have been given different titles. Which are as follows: Dasht-e-Khuf, Atash-e-Gul, Rig-e-Jinnu, Bahr-e-Zalamat, Wadi-e-Israr, Barish-e-Sang, and Safar-e-Akhar-e-Shab. The characters are portrayed in different ways. There is a story hidden in each title.  In his novel Naala-e- shubgeer, he presents the postmodernist concepts of women. Nahid Naz is a rebellious woman who wants to live a life of her own free will. That's why she wants to keep her husband under her control, and she rules over her husband in every way, just as men rule over their wives. She asks her husband to do women's work. Sometimes she wears him a saari, sometimes she asks him to apply lipstick. One night she orders her husband to leave the house and also tortures him, therefore, she emerges as a postmodern woman. This article critically examines Naheed Naz's postmodern behaviour.


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