• Fozia Shehzadi Lecturer Urdu (V), Division of Education, University of Education, Lahore
  • Atif Manzoor Lecturer Urdu (V), Division of Education, University of Education, Lahore
  • Dr. Muhammad Amjad Abid Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, University of Education, Lahore
Keywords: Dr. Jamil Jalbi, Literature, Criticism, Art, Discourse, Critical vision, Authentic, Creation, Phenomenological, Researcher


Regardless of Science or literature, there is no aspect of social life beyond the research. Creation without research deprived from track and sources of originality. Foreseeing the same significance of the phenomenon a potential number of researchers in Urdu literature have enumerated a dignified place. As a potential contributor, Dr. Jamil Jalbi is one of the same who added valuable food for thought and brainstorming for literary criticism and research culture for the scholars. Through his vision research and criticism have amalgamated in a tone of creation and art for life. His phenomenological style of research leads to criticism. Critical vision always justifies the thinking process logically which reflects feeling, observation, and sensitivity.

ADBI TEHQEEQ is one of the authentic road maps for researchers authored by " Dr. Jamil Jalbi" in which the author’s viewpoint about theory and practice and research methodologies have been narrated. The researcher has concluded through critical discourse analysis of “ADBI TEHQEEQ” that Jamil Jalbi as a school of thought has authentic views regarding research and criticism in literature. Dr. Jamil Jalbi being a multidimensional personality in ADBI TEHQEEQ explored multi aspects of literary criticism and literary history. For future researchers and critics, it is a reference and a glowing monument for guidance. As stated by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi As an authority in literary criticism, the dignity of ADBI TEHQEEQ is not only beyond doubt but unavoidable for valuing /ranking/assessing any masterpiece in literary studies. The article on Tehqeeq Kay Jadeed Ruhjaanat reflects the significance of research under specific advocacy with in-between-the-line hard and fast rules to follow strictly and institutional barrenness in higher education institutions. Global vision and humanism distinguish him from Longinus and Arnold Bennett in the field of literary criticism. Critical thinking, secondary imagination and reflection of political epistemology are knacks of Jamil Jalbi which inspired the scholastic elite to acknowledge his contribution to introducing the sightedness of life canvas. His contribution is prismatic which inspired the researchers from dogmatism to pragmatism in literary criticism.


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Fozia Shehzadi, Atif Manzoor, and Dr. Muhammad Amjad Abid. 2023. “RESEARCH AND ‘ADBI TEHQEEQ’”. Tasdiqتصدیق۔ 4 (2), 222-34.

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