• Dr Shiraz Fazal Dad Assistant Professor ,Department of Urdu, International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Ms. Maria Termizi Teaching and Research Associate, Department of Urdu, International Islamic University ,Islamabad
  • Dr Ghulam Farida Assistant Professor ,Department Of Urdu, International Islamic University, Islamabad
Keywords: Razia Fasih, Sadion Ki Zanjeer, East Pakistan, Bengladesh, Bengal, Khilji Family, Two Nation Ideology, Shams Ur Rehman, Zari Khan, Fall Of Dhaka, Thirteenth Century


Razia Fasih Ahmed is an important contemporary writer. He has a keen eye for the changes taking place in society. “Sadion ki Zanjeer” is One of his most important novels written in the context of  “Fall of Dhaka”. In this novel, he presented the historical facts regarding the tragedy of East Pakistan in three periods namely “manzar”,”pasmanzar” and “paish manzar”. After the Fall of Dhaka, the people of East Pakistan, who were suffering from misconceptions about independence, realized that it was a conspiracy. The author has stated all these facts very clearly in this novel. He also described the wrong decisions taken by West Pakistan at the political and economic levels. This novel is also an excellent account of the cultural situation of East Pakistan. In this article, the incident of  “Fall of Dhaka” has been presented as a historical tragedy because of the mental and psychological conditions of the characters.


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