• Banol Ph.D. Scholar Baluchistan Study Centre, University of Baluchistan Quetta Author
  • Dr. Surya Bano Assistant Professor Pakistan Studies Center, University of Balochistan Quetta Author


Civilization, Art, Oral, Culture, Simile, Metaphor, Prose, Folk Poetry, Lullaby, Individual, Collective, Literature, Creation


This research paper surrounds Folk Poetry: its definition and its historical background. Moreover, it Same above discusses Balochi Folk Poetry and its genres in detail. In this research paper, the genres of Balochi Folk Poetry with examples of poetry and references. Balochi Folk P poetry engulfs the life of the man, i.e., from birth to death. In every process of life, there is a kind of genre or song related to it. Such as after the birth of a child, Sipath (a traditional Balochi song is sung for six nights by a group of females for the protection of the mother and the newborn child). Likewise, when the child grows up, the mother or elder sister sings Looli/Leelo (Lullaby) for him or her to make them sleep. However, on the marriage nights and in other rituals of the marriage various kinds of Lyrics (Soth, Haalo, and Nazenk) are sung with different musical instruments. In the death of a person, Mothk (Threnody or elegy) is sung in honor of the diseased. In this research paper, most of the genres of the Balochi Folk Poetry are to the core. 


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