• Muhammad Azam Ph.D Scholar, Dept. of Urdu, NUML Islamabad Author
  • Dr. Irshaad Begum Senior Instructor, Dept. of Urdu, NUML Islamabad Author
  • Dr. Zeenat Afshan Assistant Professor, Dept. of Urdu, University of Education, Faisalabad Campus Author


Intellect, Democracy, India, British, Colonization, Iqbal


Iqbal was a poet and philosopher. In his era, the British colonized India. Indian people were living as slaves. Allama Iqbal visited Europe for his studies in 1905. He observed the British rulers very closely. He came back in 1908 with an insight. He had seen the modern democracy very closely. He had a view that British are not sincere to Indians. He guided his people with his thoughts. In this article, Iqbal’s thoughts and Colonization has been analyzed. How the British captured the India and how they snared people for slavery. How Iqbal worked against all these snares. He guided the Indians to overcome these issues. He used his poetry as well as prose.


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