• Dr. Irfan Pasha Assistant Professor, Dept. of Urdu, University of Education, Faisalabad Campus Author
  • Dr Manzoor Ahmad Associate Professor, Dept. of Urdu, Riphah International University, Faisalabad Campus Author
  • Dr Aasia Rani Assistant Professor, Dept. of Urdu, Govt. Islamia College for Women, Lahore Cantt Author


Iftikhar Jalib, Hadi Hassan, Jameeluddin Aali, NM Rashid, Jilani Kamran, Jafar Tahir, Canto, Globalization


Poetry of any literature is the mirror of that language in which it is being produced. Urdu literature, under the influence of globalization, have changed so much and adopted many forms and moulds of poetry from modern literature of the western world. Urdu poetry especially in the nearer past, have adopted many new styles, techniques and Genres from the languages of the world. In this article it is discussed that to what extent Urdu literature has adopted the genre of Canto and what are the different ways of exploration and innovation of Urdu poets in this regard. It presents the conteporary situation of Canto alongwith its tradition in Urdu literature.


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