• Tayaba Waliyat Khan Ph.D Scholar, Department of Urdu, Govt. College Women University, Faisalabad Author
  • Dr. Rukhsana Baloch Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, Govt. College Women University, Faisalabad Author


Promotion, Publication, Dialect, Steep, Persian, Amir Khosrow, Standard of Literature, India, Sanskrit, Aryan Language


Urdu is an ancient Aryan language associated with Sanskrit. Its history in India dates back to about 1500 years ago. The form came into being which met the standard of literature. This is how the evolutionary journey of Urdu began early specimens of Urdu are found in northern India Amir Khosrow has tried his hand at all genres of prose. Urdu language words are often found together. That is why all Urdu and Hindi people recognize him as their poet. He used common sense language in his speech which was very clear language. Therefore it is appropriate that Amir Khosrow has accepted the influence of Punjabi, a Steep, dialect. The great heritage of Urdu is also found in Deccan who worked for the promotion & publication of this language. Therefore, the early impressions of Urdu are ancient. Among the earliest works of prose are Khawaja Ashraf Jahangir's Magazine and Khawaja Banda Nawaz Gesu Daraz's Miraj-e-Aashiqeen. The most important work of the century is Sub Ras. Another name of this book is Qissa Husan-o-Adal. The Urdu language is slowly developing.


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