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Children are the future of any nation, so parents, teachers and writers are responsible for their better education, proper care and proper care, so they must be familiar with the psychology of children Literature helps to nurture its new generation. The unique place that children's literature has in the world today is only the result of the efforts of writers and poets.

The importance of children's etiquette cannot be denied. Literature not only instills in children feelings of joy and happiness but also enlightens them with the light of life and high values ​​and gives children high ambitions to face the difficulties that may arise in the life to come. Allama Iqbal has a special feature in the creation of children's literature. He was not only a great poet but he was also a good prose writer. He has also written excellent poems for children.Iqbal has certainly given some moral lessons through these poems but he does not teach ethics directly. There is a poetic motive in the poems. They do not allow their poems to be simple and simple as to make them feel uninteresting. This article tries to find out what Iqbal wrote for children on our social life. What are the effects?


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