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History, Chronology, Ameer Khusro, Poet, Poetry, Qaseeda, 13th Century, Ghaznavi, Masood Saad Salman, Lahore


Masood Saad Salman was a great but unfortunate poet of Lahore. He saw the ruling period of six Ghaznvi sovereigns but passed almost 20 years of his life in prison faultlessly. Masood was a genius of his era who suffered a lot of adversities but didn’t give up, rather than these calamities embellished his art. His ancestors were related to Afghanistan & Middle East but he was born in the lap of Punjab’s heart the ‘Lahore’ so feels like an amorous & loving son of this soil in his poetry. He was the choicest poet of encomium (Qaseeda) yet he has practiced in all pieces of poetry but his afflicted odes which are called ‘Jassiyat’ are masterworks. His encomium and ‘Jassiyat’ are not only a masterpiece of poetry but also become authentic sources of history by their chronology, another special aspect of these ‘Jassiyat’ is the love for r homeland where the poet pulsator like Blackbird in the detachment of his homeland Lahore. His poetry has such artistic qualities that it has bewitched not only the east but western poets & critics are also admirers of him especially Brown and Eliot who have translated his poetry and written books on his great art. In Urdu literature he has considered the foremost poet of the Urdu language on the account of Mohammad Oofi and Ameer Khusro however his Urdu Deewan is not available. This article throws light upon the life and art of Masood Saad Salman.


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