• Sadia Kanwal PhD Scholar, NUML, Islamabad Author
  • Dr. Abid Hussian Associate Professor, Department of Urdu, NUML, Islamabad Author


Quantitative affixes, Evaluative affixes, Rational Affixes, Negative affixes, Circumfix, Infix, Suffix, Prefix, Coinage Affixation, Word formation, Inflection, Derivation, Grammar


Language is connected to the speaker and words are part of 
public speaking. The speakers of these words have no idea of their 
linguistic history. With the passage of time, the forms, appearances, 
spellings and meanings of the word change. Old words become 
absolute and new words are added to the language. The Descriptive 
qualitative method was used to analyze the data. The proposed 
research article enlightens the concept of language growth and one of 
its practical cases affixation. Affixation is assessed in two ways; 
inflectional affixation and derivational affixation. Affixation, which is 
the process of word formation, has four ways of forming words 
including prefixes, suffixes, infixes and circumfixes. 


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