• Muhammad Saqib PhD Urdu Scholar, Department of Urdu, University of Sargodha, Sargodha Author
  • Prof. Dr Ghulam Abbas Gondal Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University Of Sargodha, Sargodha Author


Unveil, Implicit, Explicit, Historical, Perspective, Dialogue, Characterization, Abdussattar, Darashikoh, Novel


The article encompasses the fictional endeavours of Qazi 
Abdul Sattar, a renowned writer of Urdu literature. He came across 
four fabulous historical novels besides several beautiful figments of 
fiction. His novels Dara Shikoh, Ghalib, Khalid Bin Waleed and 
Salahuddin Ayyubi, are his masterpieces of Historical Urdu fiction. In 
this article, an attempt is made to analyze and critically examine the 
art of characterization in his novel Dara Shikoh.
This critical examination will examine characters in the 
context of history, psychology, religion, art and culture, and dialogical 
perspective. Moreover, his characters contemporary age historical 
nature, readers standing about the character and the way certain 
characters are deliberately given more importance and a few ones are 
put under the carpet, are pertinent to be examined carefully in order to 
know their true nature. In analyzing historical characters, it is also a 
matter of great interest to know the very history of that character, its 
semi-historical nature and the self-creation of the charter by the author. 
It has also been tried to analyze characters explicitly and implicitly 
keeping in mind their psychological tilts and bends and characters’ 
active participation and contemporary inclinations and demands. All 
such aspects unveil the character’s true picture and it becomes crystal 
clear to objectively know the inner self of characters. 


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