Diverse Style of Satire and Humour and Three Voices of Bahawalpur Region

(Shafeequrrehman, Muhammad Khalid Akhtar, Ibnul Imam Shaftar)

  • Dr. Saira Irshad Lecturer, Dept. Of Urdu, Govt. Sadiq College Women University, Bahawalpur
Keywords: Humor, Instinct, Literary Consciousness, Memories, jokes, Funny, Language and expression, Communication.


A good mood is created by spreading a smile through satire and humor. Of a bird' eye-view on the evolution of Urdu satire and humor, each time we find better creations than the previous era. Despite the abundance of writers, only a few comedy writers have the quality of pens in this field. The Bahawalpur region has a strong literary consciousness and immense breadth. The names of Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Khalid Akhtar, and Ibn Al-Imam Shaftar are credible in terms of satire and humor. These comedians enriched a genre of literature that is somewhat difficult in other genres. From the reading of their texts, it can be inferred that creative abundance does not need a big center or a name. Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Khalid Akhtar, and Ibn Al-Imam Shaftar's style based on individuality gives a sense of importance not only in the Bahawalpur region but also in Urdu literature


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